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HuniePop is an interesting dating sim and adult tile matching game developed by renowned American game designer Ryan Koons. The game was launched in 2015 for all personal computers based on macOS, Microsoft Windows and Linux. Currently, the game is available in two different versions, a steam-censored version and an unofficial version available through simple bundles and manga games.

The game centers around the main character's dating experience from time to time. Huniepop 2 Full Gallery Collection below are given more details about this exciting adult dating game. Continue reading below to find out more.

What is HuniePop?

HuniePop is an addictive puzzle matching dating game that combines unique twists and rules that players have to follow. The game is full of interesting features, which make playing more interesting. It's an adult sim dating system designed specifically for Linux, PC, and Mac users. It's the first of its kind, which presents some puzzle games and some with dating licenses. The game also features light RPG elements with an interesting plot.

The player's character can be female or male. The focus of the game is to interact with more girls in the game. They have their own personalities and preferences. Players have to approach them and get them out of different dates and solve puzzles together. Girls clothes, hairstyles, accessories, etc. It can be adjusted to a variety of options if the player has unlocked those options during the game. Players can also reward the girls in the game.

Every time they buy a gift and give it to the girls, the player earns an in-game currency called Hunie. The more Hunie you get, the higher the player's level.

To progress through the game and reach higher levels, players must convince the girls to date. They must play tile matching and at least match 3 similar tokens. If the player can match the type of token the woman likes, they will get extra points. To get positive points, players can also use dating rewards. If the date is successful, the player will be given a picture of the woman he's dating. With each successful date, the level of the game increases, increasing the difficulty.

HuniePop Features

You will be amazed to see most of the features that this game brings. Let's take a quick look at it below:

Day and date

HuniePop does not set a time limit for players. Players can date as many girls as possible. However, some achievements that can be unlocked have a time limit. The time will change from morning to afternoon and from afternoon to night whenever you meet the next girl using the girl search app in Huniebee.


HuniePop features 8 different 8 × 7 puzzle boards. One can use four affection cards and four puzzle tokens. Players must match a minimum of three affectionate cards that have similar colors and icons. Only then can they earn points. There's no point matching the two heartbreaks that are purple tokens.

Nature and Hunie

One can discover 8 types of traits—Talent, Seduction, Romance, Sexuality, Passion, Sensitivity, Charisma, and Luck. You can improve your nature by using an in-game currency called Hunie. The more you interact with the girls and answer their quizzes correctly, the more Hunie you can get. This way, you can further enhance your properties. Talking to a girl will reduce your nutritional levels by as much as two rods. Therefore, you should check if your nutrition bar contains at least two or more bars. The more you improve your nature in the game, the better your performance.

Munie and items

Similar to Hunie, Munie is another in-game currency, available on HuniePop. Using this currency, one can buy items from huniebee warehouse. There are various types of items available such as food, drinks, gifts, and unique items. To get Munie, players have to ask any girl out on a date and solve puzzle games together.

One can see a total of 12 different girls in the game, each having a sense of style, preference, and dislike. At first, the player only has access to four girls. As they level up and collect more points, the other girls will be unlocked in time. Every player definitely enjoys this exciting game. Featuring more than 20 locations in the game, having beautiful scenarios, and painted environmental art, it will amaze you.

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Although there is no exact release date from the beginning, it seems that HuniePop 2 itself was originally planned to be present in the near future, because the developer himself stated that the game is almost finished if you look at the trailer released in mid-January.

In spite of all that, we can only give the developer spirit support during the healing period in order to continue to produce unique and eccentric works in the video game industry.

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HuniePop may often be considered a Candy Crush Saga-style Match 3 game that has Dating Sim elements and is filled with tropes of big anime tiddies characters. Nevertheless, the game directed by HunieDev managed to get a overwhelmingly positive response on Steam, and now the developer is also working on a sequel titled HuniePop 2: Double Date.

Unfortunately, the indie developer explained that he now faces serious health problems again, and decided to delay the release of HuniePop 2 until an undetermined time. However, he still assured fans that the game would still be released.

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Fans of the dating sim puzzle game HuniePop have been eagerly awaiting the sequel, HuniePop 2: Double Date, but the developer is hampered by health problems.

Developer Ryan Koons A.K.A. HuniePot mentioned back in February that he had a serious health problem with his condition and he needed to prioritize taking care of his health, causing longer delays for his games.

Today she took to Twitter to announce that she is now feeling much better and she is ready to get back to work. In fact, she's been feeling well long enough, but chose not to mention it until she's absolutely sure.

Of course, the news was greeted with enthusiasm and support from the lively gaming community.

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